Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting! I hope that by finding my page, you are seeking a new way of taking control of your health and your life.

I believe that healthcare should not be a “sick-care” model, as is normalized in America, but instead a preventative approach. I hope for a future where the days of visiting doctors’ offices once chronic disease has already occurred & looking for a “magic pill” to save you are long gone.

I instead would love to see people have long-lasting relationships with their providers that are established far in advance of any illness. I hope that through holistic, positive lifestyle changes chronic disease can be avoided altogether.

I founded my clinic, OneLife Health & Performance, after years as a hospitalist in the traditional “Western” medicine setting. I saw many patients struggle when diagnosed with chronic disease with little to no information about how they got there, or where to go from there. I knew something had to be done.

I decided to build a clinic that focuses not on using pills or medication to mask the symptoms of illness, but instead strives to prevent illness and chronic disease before it occurs.

I believe there are many pieces to the “health puzzle” & that we must optimize all aspects of your health to truly prevent disease. This includes proper nutrition, hydration, fitness, sleep, stress management, & more.

My goal is to give each patient quality, individualized care and my dream is to see the health care system shift from the “sick-care” model to the “preventative care” model. I hope that OneLife Health & Performance plays a role in making that happen. We hope you will join the health revolution with us!

In good health,

Ken Winnard, M.D.