Dr Winnard’s Belief’s & Vision

Dr. Winnard believes that in order to truly optimize your health and prevent disease, you must make healthy changes in all aspects of your life.

Dr. Winnard’s core health principles are:

  • Proper Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Mind/Body Synergy
  • Adequate Hydration
  • Stress Management
  • & Good Quality Sleep

Dr. Winnard believes that in order to feel & look your best, you must take control of each of these principles of health. He creates custom plans for patients in order to improve each of these aspects of health & more. Through these programs, Dr. Winnard also educates each patient on why these principles are so important to your overall health & how to make health “habits” and implement them long-term.

Dr. Winnard knows that by creating healthy lifestyle habits, you not only increase your lifespan, but also your “healthspan”- keeping you looking & feeling your best for years to come. His true vision is to see healthcare move away from the “sick-care” model that is currently in place, and move towards a more preventative, lifestyle approach.

He wants to see a world where the “later years” of life are spent exploring, travelling, being physically active in nature, and more, instead of in doctor’s offices, or being hindered by physical ailments.

If you share some of these beliefs, or want to learn more, call (561) 327-9393 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Winnard.